Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspiration

Bathroom Design Ideas And Inspiration

We see some pretty fabulous master bathroom designs on our endeavour to bring great new home designs to the masses, and feel it’s time to put them first. So, we’ve corralled an extensive gallery of master bathroom designs that feature creative layouts, stunning bathroom furniture designs, and some gorgeous bathroom accessories to throw in that final finesse.

We’ve also added some hints and tips that will help you get on your way to creating your own magnificent master bathroom space.

White Modern Bathroom

When you think about white and modern, this is the kind of bathroom that comes to mind. Clean lines, white, and a few organic touches are all that’s needed. The shower disappears in the background, thanks to continuous flooring and wall tile throughout the room.

Bathrooms are often used as a place for peaceful recuperation. In order to fully relax in a hot bubble bath or under a steaming waterfall shower, it’s helpful if our surroundings are conducive to a quiet mind. A grey and white bathroom scheme ranks high on the style metre but also provides a calming neutral backdrop in which the stresses of the day can fall away, and will give a smooth start to a new day without an overly jarring wake up call.

Traditional Bathroom

Traditional style bathrooms are classic in design, feeling more like a soothing spa oasis, with an aesthetic of elegant hues and super luxurious touches. Traditional bathroom designs typically take their cue from what is currently trending in the design world, with materials and decor that are respective of their historical periods, such as Victorian, colonial or Georgian styles. These styles are timeless, clean-lined, cool and very classic, creating a beautiful aesthetic that you will enjoy for years to come.

Whether you are designing a traditional bathroom from scratch or just looking to add some period bathroom touches to your space, here is our selection of traditional bathroom ideas.

The surfaces in a traditional style bathroom are integral to getting the right aesthetic. Countertops typically feature either natural or faux-natural materials, such as granite, engineered stone or even slate. The selection of wall and flooring tiles range will range from a more historical look to vintage, with penny, subway or hexagonal tiles being the most sought after choices. You can mix and match eras, but too not appear visually cluttered, its best to stick to two decorative touches from adjacent eras, creating a more subtle, yet visually appealing look.

As far as furnishing your traditional style bathroom, draw on more natural materials for inspiration. High-end wood is typically used for base cabinets, benches or even chairs. If you are going with a more Colonial style, which is typically found in homes in the Northeastern United States, then common wood selections would be cherry, oak and maple.

Small and Minimalist Bathroom

They say good things come in small packages. If you have ever sulked that the tiny proportions of your bathroom are just too restrictive in which to create a vision of beauty, and an air of stylish triumph, then think again and read on.

Decorating a small space can be tricky — you might be torn between going bold with colors and patterns or keeping it simple. Both routes can work, but keep in mind that everything in your bathroom will have a big impact on the overall look. When browsing small bathroom decorating ideas, take note of what is and is not present in other spaces. One bold accent piece or a small bathroom rug may be enough to set the style for the whole room. The materials you use on your counters, flooring and shower will also have an outsize influence on the style of the room, so choose accordingly.

One benefit of a smaller space is that your material costs will be lower, so you may be able to spring for luxury materials like quartz or marble, which would make even a small bathroom shower feel luxurious. Colors and finishes also go a long way in a small room. When tiling a small bathroom, consider going bold with subway or fish scale tile and bright pops of color. If you’re on the lookout for small bathroom flooring ideas, consider unique materials like concrete or playful tile patterns that will anchor the room.

The minimalist aesthetic is very pleasing and calming on the eye and is therefore a great style by which to design a bathroom scheme. Simplistic lines lend themselves to a clean environment and being in an uncluttered space is perfect for starting the day with a clear head, or to unwind in before sleep. Since we’re enjoying the minimalist aesthetic here and not the lifestyle per se, we can also add a dash of luxury to proceedings. We’re not attempting to subtract every detail that does not have a clear and intentional use, or pushing back against a bit of bathroom bling. There can be minimalist luxury bathrooms as well.

Your Dream Bathroom Begins

We’ve given you a lot to think about in this article, but the most important part of any bathroom remodeling is to be yourself. Each bathroom presents a particular challenge whether it’s where to put the stand-alone shower or how to update an outdated design. You can start by making a list of your priorities and then letting those flow into your design decision.

Your bathroom design also depends on you and your family’s needs. We’ve shown you and array of sophisticated designs, from traditional bathrooms to modern master baths, that will inspire you no matter what your stage of life.

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