Creative Bathroom Storages Ideas

Bathroom Shelves and Storages Ideas You Have to Try

Whether you’re one of the lucky few who has a bathroom with ample space and multiple sinks or you’re the kind of person whose bathroom feels more like a closet with plumbing (we’re right there with you), you can’t deny that bathroom storage is an endless battle. More often than not, mirrored medicine cabinets don’t store much more than a toothbrush, and under-the-sink storage is more or less a bottomless pit.

But the storage solutions out there aren’t much better. Those old-fashioned over-the-toilet shelving units are never quite aesthetically pleasing. And if you go entirely for aesthetics, you end up with a storage ladder that doesn’t do much more than add an element of rustic style to your space. So yeah, it’s a rough terrain to navigate.

But stylish and functional bathroom storage is possible; it just takes a little creativity. Meet our favorite bathroom storage solution of all: floating storage shelves. They’re functional, they’re stylish, and if you do them right, they can look just like something you’d find on your Pinterest feed. Plus, without brackets or bulky hardware, they’re pretty streamlined, so you can fit them in any small space.

Without further ado, a selection of our favorite ways to style and organize bathroom with floating shelves. It’s amazing what a few planks of wood can do.

Sleek and Slim

Creative Bathroom Storage

We love a good IKEA hack. While these shelves are traditionally for open-concept kitchen shelving, we can’t help but love their slim profile in the bathroom. Stacked one on top of another, they provide ample storage (including room for those tall bottles that don’t fit anywhere else).

Go Industrial

Creative Bathroom Storage

With bathrooms, simplicity reigns supreme. That’s why it’s fitting for industrial decorations. Here, we love the effortless design of these matte black metal shelves. Sure, they look great empty, but we have a feeling they’d look even better filled up with wire bins full of skincare products.

Ditch the Mirror

Creative Bathroom Storage

A novel concept: a bathroom without mirrors. Sure, it might take some getting used to, but in the end it might be a refreshing way to start your morning out. To fill the void, add decorative floating shelves in a shape that mimics a traditional mirror.

Secure Your Assets

Creative Bathroom Storage

A traditional floating shelf is wonderful, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes we’re afraid of things rolling off the edge and shattering — especially that one glass serum bottle we splurged for at Sephora. To avoid any mishaps, go for a floating option with decorative bars to secure things in place whiles also adding a metallic accent.

Tub Time

Creative Bathroom Storage

Freestanding tub? Give your bubbles, bath salts, and dry brushes a place to live until they’re needed. A shelf like this one is close enough to the tub that you can access everything while you’re relaxing in the water. Bonus: it doubles as a table top to place your phone or book so you don’t accidentally get anything wet.

Opt for a Dresser-Style Vanity

Creative Bathroom Storage

This bathroom, designed by Los Angeles-based interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel for French photographer, writer, and style icon Garance Doré, certainly doesn’t skimp on storage. The vanity, which boasts nine (!) large drawers, is more akin to a dresser than a bathroom vanity, offering up plenty of space for everything from skincare products to spare towels.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving

Creative Bathroom Storage

In this bathroom designed by Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY, floor-to-ceiling shelving offers up plenty of storage in a previously neglected corner. Chic baskets corral clutter and double as décor, drawing the eye up to make the space feel larger than it really is.

Vertical Storage With a Decorative Ladder

Creative Bathroom Storage

Make like Shea McGee of Studio McGee and add some much-needed vertical storage to the bathroom with a decorative ladder. Here, McGee ingeniously places a decorative ladder filled with fluffy towels next to a freestanding tub so that fresh linens are conveniently within arm’s reach after a relaxing soak.

Forgo a Traditional Medicine Cabinet

Creative Bathroom Storage

Take a page from Joyelle West and forgo a bulky medicine cabinet in favor of recessed open shelving above the sink. This clever bathroom storage solution makes it easy to access oft-used items like perfume and also makes it possible to display purely decorative items like potted plants.

Vanity With Built-In Shelving

Creative Bathroom Storage

To optimize storage in a small-space bathroom, gain inspiration from Shannon Tate-Giordano of Shannon Tate Interiors and select a vanity with built-in shelving. Fill the cubby-like spaces with decorative baskets to keep various odds and ends stashed out of sight in style.

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