Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom

Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom

We all know that houseplants need light and water to thrive—but what about the moisture in the air around them? While us humans don’t always love hot and steamy conditions (summer frizz is real), some plants prefer it. Humidity is one of the more difficult conditions to control in your home, but there is a way to keep your jungle-loving plants happy without running a humidifier all day: Display them in your bathroom, where the steam from your shower will help keep them moist and happy. (It doesn’t hurt that regular watering is a snap when your plants are right next to a sink, either.)

Keep scrolling to see our round-up of the best houseplants that will transform your bathroom into a jungle escape.

Aloe Vera

Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom

Not only is aloe vera great for burns and your overall skin but they can also be very beautiful additions to your bathroom. Aloe plants would be great for a bathroom with a window where they can still absorb sunlight but still be on hand to soothe your skin.

Snake Plant

Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom

These tall majestic plants can survive in low light and filters formaldehyde – an airborne respiratory irritant. Snake plants vary in size so you can choose the perfect one to suit your space.


Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom

Cacti are known for being able to stand very dry and hot environments, which makes them great additions to any washroom. They’re easy to care for and very popular right now, so you should be able to find many styles easily.

Bonsai Tree

Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom

Known for being able to survive centuries, bonzai trees are a beautiful addition your washroom and will help you get that totally zen feeling.

Air plants

Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom

These are one of the most durable plants that can withstand humidity and require no soil. Basically: You can’t screw these up, even if you try.

Things to Consider when choosing bathroom plants


  • Style your plants in planter stands if you want them up off the floor.
  • Trolleys are great functional pieces that can be moved around next to the bath or basin.
  • Treat your bathroom like another room and bring in accessories you love.
  • Pick out your colours with a striped towel and continue the theme through the decor.


Many bathrooms have small windows, and some have none at all, which can be challenging when picking plants.

Remember that even low light plants require some light to grow, which is why fluorescent light bulbs – which produce wavelengths plants need – are a good idea in the bathroom.

Humidity & Temperature

Hot running water from showers and baths can cause humidity and temperature levels to rise quickly – conditions which don’t suit many plants, although this explains why some tropical flora do great in bathrooms!

Space & Position

Bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, so space for greenery is often limited. Large or tall plants don’t often work in bathrooms for this reason.

A better option is to choose plants that can hang from the ceiling, or will trail down from a high shelf. The windowsill is another great location for bathroom plants, particularly as they can enjoy maximum light exposure here.

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