Kitchen shelving ideas

Design Ideas for Kitchen Shelving and Racks

Looking for kitchen shelving ideas? Kitchen storage can come in many forms other than traditional wall cupboards.

Open shelving is a great option if you are the proud owner of an impressive crockery collection, or are a keen cook who appreciates having ingredients close at hand. Having everything on display, however, is not for the faint-hearted as it requires a certain amount of dedication to keep shelves looking smart.

Kitchens with rows of base and wall cabinets provide the ample storage that most of us need but it’s the open shelving that gives our kitchens character.

Those shelves are where we display the items we use most often or the pieces we love the most, like the dog-eared cookbooks with our favourite recipes or a cherished casserole dish passed down from a grandparent. The items we have on display gives a glimpse into our habits and our lives, so it’s worth giving some thought to what to we keep out and what we put away.

Be inspired by these kitchen shelving ideas, for some seriously stylish storage…

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