Dining Room Design Ideas And Inspirations

Dining Room Design Ideas and Inspiration

In many homes, the dining room is often regarded as a more formal, sometimes even stuffy, space in the house. Today’s modern families tend to take a more casual approach to gathering for meals, whether it’s dinner around the kitchen table, breakfast in a cozy banquette, or lunch at the kitchen island. Dining room tables seem to be reserved for fancier occasions and holiday festivities.

However, we can learn a thing or two from world-renowned interior decorators, whose attention to the dining room speaks for itself dining rooms are special and should be the central hub for entertaining and family gatherings. No matter your style, there’s dining room design to suit your taste, from timeless elegance with antiques and calmer color palettes to taking design risks with saturated hues or bold wallpaper. Designers discover clever ways to make small spaces feel larger and continue to dream up inspiring upgrades for walls, lighting, furniture, and flooring.

Take cues from these stunning dining room ideas, all from designer homes, to update your space with elevated design. Because a beautiful space paired with a memorable menu is sure to impress friends and family. Now, it’s time to plan your next dinner party!

Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

Modern dining rooms can achieve both style and substance. Browse our pick of the best modern dining room designs and find a look that suits both your style and your use of the room. If you can’t find a modern style that suits your scheme, take a look at our country dining rooms and traditional dining rooms. And if you’re undecided, you can find your dream look with our pick of dining rooms for every style.

Country Dining Room Design Ideas

If you love country style, there’s no reason why you can’t create a country dining room scheme. Browse our pick of the best country dining room designs for your dream country home.

Traditional Dining Room Design Ideas

Traditional dining rooms give you a multi-functional space to eat, entertain and work. Browse our pick of the best traditional schemes for dining room spaces, whatever your budget.

Minimalist Dining Room Design Ideas

Sometimes, less is more. A minimalist aesthetic in a dining room can provide a clean backdrop for meals to enjoy with family and guests. For inspiration, take a look at these sleek and modern minimalist dining rooms that truly come down to the beautiful table and chairs that serve as a focal point for the room.

Tips to Decorate a Dining Room

When decorating a dining room, choose a color scheme that complements your chosen design style and the colors that appear in adjacent spaces. Consider adding refined or rustic woodwork details to build character into separate dining rooms and to define eating areas that are part of a larger whole.

Before you start decorating, measure your dining room to determine how much space is available and choose furnishings accordingly. Remember to include at least 3 feet of space between your dining chairs and nearby walls and furniture so people can easily move their chairs in and out and walk around the table.

Choose the right table width

1100mm is the ideal width for a table, which allows for perfect table settings: Platters of food, table decorations, glassware, candles, wine bottles and most importantly still encourages great conversation across the table.

Define the space with rugs

Dining tables and chairs tend to become a little lost at times – placing a rug beneath them can help to prevent this. A simple rule to keep in mind is that the rug should be 600mm (23.5 inches) wider than the table on all sides.

Custom arrangement

Consider having an outdoor table the same size as your indoor one so that you can bring them together for those special occasions.

Consider height

Check the dining chair and table heights together before you buy them. Old tables can look great with sleek, modern chairs but if you get the heights wrong it is very uncomfortable and no one will stay for dinner.

Round table for flow

If it’s an open room, but not huge and other rooms lead off it, a round table can work best – it lends itself to a space that also acts as a thoroughfare. No sharp corners and soft edges for flow of traffic.

Essential lighting

The key is a great light over the dining table. Pendant lighting adds a focal point and a decorative design element to the room, it helps define the space, and means downlights are not needed.

Create interest

I like to create dining rooms that have interest to them, rather than just being a room for a table and some chairs. There are many ways to make these spaces more creative by using different end chairs or carvers. Also, accessorise the dining table like you would a coffee table.

Texture and warmth

A chunky wooden dining table can anchor the room and give the space texture and warmth. have fun with your dining area. Mix up the colours, textures and levels of shininess.

All about the chair

Dining rooms are usually connected to the living room or the kitchen so they need to be thought through carefully in relation to these spaces. To me it’s all about the chairs. Whether your style is modern or traditional or a bit of both, a sexy chair means a sexy dining room.

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