Mid-Century Modern Small Kitchen

Genius Mid-Century Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Mid-century modern is one of those timeless styles that is always in vogue, including for the kitchen. Its inherent characteristics make mid-century a perfect fit for today’s contemporary, modern and eclectic home décor styles.

The clean lines and lack of excess are ideal for this most heavily used space of the home. Even if the goal is just incorporating a few mid-century modern touches, there are plenty of ways to do that in the kitchen. The shapes, colors and materials associated with this design era are perfect for mixing with today’s newer materials and on-trend styles.

In the current times, one of the most preferable styles for house concept is Mid Century modern style. That is because this style is very flexible and this style is able to mix and match with other preferences of styles starting from classic, traditional, modern, and etc.

Let’s review the basics on mid-century design and why it works for a small kitchen:

  • Pastels and bright, vibrant colors add life to a small kitchen by brightening it and giving it a cheerful vibe.
  • The minimalist open space concept of tall ceilings, fewer walls or open shelving makes a small kitchen look larger and removes some of the heaviness dark cabinets can create.
  • Wood adds value and a warm, earthy feel.
  • Fun, quirky retro or vintage accessories and appliances put fun back into a small kitchen design.

Check out these beautiful mid-century modern small kitchen design ideas:

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