Gorgeous Sunroom Ideas

Gorgeous Sunroom Ideas to Welcome The Warmer Weather

We’re always looking for new ways to bring the outdoors in—whether with a verdant array of potted plants, a bouquet of spring’s first flowers, or fresh scents that remind us of our favorite beach towns. But there’s one room in the house whose explicit purpose is to feel like an ode to the outdoors: the sunroom.

If you’re lucky enough to have a space like this at home, congratulations! There’s no better place to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee, or enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

But while the term “sunroom” may bring to mind a specific stripe of coastal-inspired, New England aesthetics, there’s more than one way to style this part of your home. Our favorite sunrooms are the ones that put a fresh, personality-packed twist on tradition or buck it entirely, replacing wainscoting with unexpected wallpapers and trade muted, sun-bleached hues for vibrant jewel tones.

Click through to see our favorite sunrooms and get inspired by these diverse interpretations.

Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home - Sunroom Design Ideas

Is it just us, or does this expansive sunroom feel like a vacation retreat? We love the idea of enjoying meals in this informal, sun-drenched space as the weather warms up—it’s like dining al fresco, minus the mosquitos. And this impactful, oversized light fixture in an on-trend woven fiber just makes the space feel even more special.

Head In The Clouds

This dreamy corner is an ideal space to curl up with a book (or even sneak in a catnap). But what really sets it apart is the creative use of luxury wallpaper on the ceiling—the hand-drawn cloud motif imbues the space with just the right touch of elevated whimsy. We’ll be trying this unexpected trick at home, for certain.

Beach Modern

Beach Modern - Sunroom Design Ideas

Sunrooms are often synonymous with the New England beach-y look, but this modern reimagining puts a fresh spin on the standard. Classic wainscoting and nautical-inspired ceramic bells harken back to that classic feel, while fresh touches—like a sculptural coffee table and plenty of plants—bring this look into the now.

Sippin’ In the Sun

Sippin' In the Sun - Sunroom Design Ideas

Not a fan of the coastal look? No problem. This airy sunroom is designed with one thing in mind: wine. Embrace rich leathers and more moody tones for a refined tasting room that’s perfect for sampling this season’s Rosé. (Just be sure to reserve some climate-controlled space for the bottles, since a sunny spot is more suited to budding sommeliers than to the vintages themselves.)

Looking Up

Looking Up - Sunroom Design Ideas

The best way to emphasize the airy, open feel of a sunroom? Draw the eye upward. This space from Kevin Isbell Interiors does just that, highlighting the unique roofline with a “statement ceiling” consisting of a contrasting wood treatment and a one-of-a-kind shell-embellished chandelier—a clever nod to the chic coastal vibe.

Slow Living

Slow Living - Sunroom Design Ideas

Sometimes the best designs are the simplest. Treating a sunroom like you would a porch, this serene space makes it easy to relax and watch the beauty of the outdoors from a unique, rustic wood perch.

The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment - Sunroom Design Ideas

In a word? Obsession-worthy. This space proves that sunrooms don’t need to play by the “traditional” rulebook, and that a pop of bold personality is even more delightful in a crisp white space. A rich blue couch topped with royal purple pillows provides tons of drama against a bleached background, while trendy rattan pieces—in unique shapes—bring in the ultimate mix of hip and beachy vibes. We love this quirky interpretation of what a sunroom should be.

Dinner Theatre

Dinner Theatre - Sunroom Design Ideas

While most sunrooms prioritize space for lounging over dining, we’re particularly moved by this setup. A fireplace stocked with wood makes the space all-season ready, and we can just imagine enjoying a fall meal surrounded by beautiful foliage on all sides. This space serves as a great reminder that a well-designed sunroom shouldn’t just be for springtime and summer.

All In The Details

All In The Details - Sunroom Design Ideas

The longer you look at this window-surrounded space, the better it gets. While the floor-to-ceiling glass and decadent trim leave little wallspace, the space that does remain is painted a deep nautical navy, adding just the right amount of contrast. The natural textures throughout the space draw from different locales, bringing an international air to the space—Riviera-style cafe chairs mingle with exotic rattan lanterns and an artisan wooden coffee table to create a layered, eclectic feel.

Banq On It

Banq On It - Sunroom Design Ideas

What better way to enjoy a sunroom than on an oversized banquette big enough for family and friends? We love a bold mix of prints, and sunroom designs are no exception. The banquette covered in an eye-catching fabric is clearly the star of this space, while a few pops of more traditional motifs—like classic stripes and buffalo plaids—lend added interest.

Millennial Luxe

Millennial Luxe - Sunroom Design Ideas

This ultra-modern sunroom checks all the boxes: muted tones of pink and grey, softly-sloping shapes inspired by art deco designs, and yes, even an oversized plant. This may be the most glamorous take on sunroom style we’ve seen to date.

Cozy Nook

Cozy Nook - Sunroom Design Ideas

We wouldn’t quite call this a sunroom—it’s more of a sun-nook. Still, we’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better use of this uniquely shaped space. The charming built-in is the windowseat of our dreams, and we love how the designer was able to imbue the space with a laid-back, boho feel that’s cohesive with the rest of the home. The finishing touch? Pretty custom window treatments that make it easy to adapt the space for midday sun.

Warm and Rustic

Warm and Rustic - Sunroom Design Ideas

With white-washed walls and floors, there’s plenty of room to play around with rich, dark wood tones and dramatic textiles without worrying about weighing down the space or making it feel “heavy”. We love the way designer Katie Martinez brings a well-traveled air to this

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